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The Green Road Trail

A 3.6 Km shared backbone of the Glengarry Recreational Trail System interconnects and anchors all the other trail routes.

Accessible from the Lochiel Trailhead (The Red Trail), County Road 45 or Marcoux Road. This trail is used by hikers, cross-terrain runners, cyclists, and in the wintertime is shared with snowmobiles.

Trail Highlights:

  • A spacious, natural compacted surface with some areas of compacted gravel makes it perfect for strolls and accessible exploration.
  • Add a little distance to your adventure by starting at the scenic Island Park in Alexandria. Stop at the observation deck and take in the panoramic view of Mill Pond and the surrounding area. 
  • Wide path a great choice for cross-terrain runners, hikers and cyclists.  
  • During winter, this trail is groomed for snowmobiles and is a shared trail.  Be cautious and alert during snowmobiles use period.  

Fun Activities Along the Way:

  • Enjoy searching for Geocaches or engage in a scavenger hunt.
  • Discover the region’s history and learn about the trail’s inhabitants by reading the many information signs along the Red Trail.

Choose your adventure:

  • From the Red Trail walk the Lochiel trailhead 1.6 Km to County Rd 45 and turn back for a 3.2 Km hike.
  • Cross County Rd 45 and add 2.3 Km to Marcoux Rd.
  • Cross Marcoux Rd and add 1 Km to the junction access to Garry Fen Trail or go all the way to Lakeshore Rd for an additional 1.5 Km.
  • The round-trip from the Lochiel Trailhead to Lakeshore Rd is just over 11 Km.

Nature’s Playground:

  • Admire the diversity of habitats and scenery as you cross Wooded areas, fields, bogs.
  • Strategically placed benches are made available for resting.
  • Be prepared during mosquitoes season, some areas cross wetlands.


Nature is your playground, and the memories you create will be the true treasures of your journey.

The trails are open all year round, and the Green Road Trail is no exception. It’s the perfect link to another adventure as you plan to traverse the Red trail to the Green trail and then on to the Garry Fen Trail and back – a fun 12.5 km trek.  By interconnecting the trails, you increase your time and distance. Just keep in mind that you need to return to your vehicle.

International cartographic symbols for available seasonal activities on the Glengarry Trails. Hiking, bird watching, cross-country skiing, nature photography, cycling on the trails, snowshoeing, walking, and Geocaching, to name a few.
A map of the Glengarry Trails in Alexandria, Ontario.

Public Parking is available in Island Park, where you can walk down to the Lochiel Street Trailhead, or you can park at the Trailhead entrance. Parking is also available on the side of County Road 45 near the trail junctions (Where you must cross the road to continue along the Green Road Trail), and on the side of Marcoux Road where the Green Road Trail gates.

Trail Etiquette

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare. (no sanitary facilities)
  • Prepare for extreme weather, hazards and emergencies, have a cell phone available as the use of the trails is unsupervised. Note that some areas on the trails may have limited cell coverage.
  • Travel on Durable Surfaces, protect fragile vegetation by staying on the trail.
  • Be considerate of those around you.
  • Dogs must be on leash — keeps your dog and trail users safe.
  • Pick up after your dog and dispose in bin located at the trail entrance — no one likes stepping in dog poop! 
  • In winter avoid tracks set for cross-country.
  • Be aware of multi-use areas, particularly the Green Trail, which is used by snowmobiles in winter.
  • Cross-country runners are welcome.  Be careful of tree roots, loose rocks, and other trip hazards.

Please Note: Trail User assumes all risks as per Occupiers Liability Act RSO 1990, in case of Emergency call 911.

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