Trail Etiquette

Trail Etiquette

In the Time of pandemic precautions due to Covid 19

Trail Sharing and Covid-19

During the covid lockdown we have seen an explosion in trail usage. Be considerate of your fellow walkers, skiers and snowmobilers.

Follow trail etiquette and safety measures.

  1. Dogs must be on leash…keeps your dog and trail users safe
  2. Pick up after your dog…no one likes stepping in dog poop!
  3. Avoid tracks set for cross country skiing.
  4. Be aware of multi-use areas, particularly the Green Trail, which is used by snowmobiles in winter.

During Covid-19 pandemic restrictions

  1. Keep your distance from other users
  2. Wear a mask or carry a mask you can use if the parking areas or trails become crowded.

Stay safe, enjoy the outdoors, and be respectful of fellow users.

When visiting the Glengarry Recreational Trail System.
The FGTA encourages trail visitors to follow the seven commonly-accepted “Leave No Trace” principles.

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare.
  • Know local land use guidelines and special concerns for the area you are visiting.
  • Prepare for extreme weather, hazards and emergencies, have a cell phone available as the use of the trails is unsupervised.
  • Travel on Durable Surfaces, protect fragile vegetation by staying on the trail.
  • Dispose of Waste Properly.
  • Pack it in, pack it out. Pack out all trash, leftover food and litter.
  • Pack out hygiene products.
  • Please pack out strained food scraps.
  • Leave What You Find.
  • Rocks, plants and other natural objects are best enjoyed in their natural states. Removal of these items is prohibited on public and private lands.

Respect Wildlife

  • Observe wildlife from a distance. Do not follow or approach them.
  • Never feed animals. Feeding wildlife damages their health, alters natural behaviors, and exposes them to predators and other dangers.
  • Dogs should be on a leash at all times. Clean up after your dog.
  • To protect your dog and wildlife, consider leaving your dog at home.
  • Respect other visitors and protect the quality of their experience. Let nature’s sounds prevail.  Avoid loud  noises.
  • ATVs and other motorized vehicles are not allowed on the Glengarry trail system.
  • Horse Back Riding is not allowed on the Glengarry Trails.  When people have brought their horses on the trail it has sometimes caused damage to the trail surface.  It costs the FGTA money and time to repair the boardwalks and or resurface the trails.

Having a cell phone with you is a good safety precaution. Put your cell phone in vibrate mode